What is a free Brand Consultation?

Just like people, brands need to stay fresh and healthy to deliver their best results. However, they often end up falling short of their true potential when they are not regularly updated and their core strengths are not fully exercised.

A free Brand Consultation is a quick and effective way of providing you with honest and friendly advice and recommendations, so you can see how to improve your brand without it costing a penny.

Do you qualify?

As an ethical marketing agency, we work with companies, organisations, charities and individuals that are inline with our own principles. 

If your brand has an environmental conscience or you want to lower the carbon footprint of your marketing/product, we a can help.

What do we look at?

A brand’s values are its most essential aspect. They are the core ideals that you believe in and they influence all of the other ways in which your brand presents itself to the world.

These values can help you to…

  • Define who you are
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Nurture preference and loyalty with your customers
  • Attract employees who share your values
  • Be certain that you are presenting yourself in the best possible ways

A visual identity is one of the most clear and influential ways in which brands can present themselves. After all, it is likely to be the very first impression the audience will have of you.

Creating a strong and compelling visual identity starts with the brand’s logo, which communicates the values and attributes to customers and prospects in an instant.

Having a well-constructed visual identity, though, means moving beyond a brand’s
logo to create a consistent set of visual elements including:

  • Fonts
  • Colour palettes
  • Icons
  • Photographic styles

Messaging is all about giving your brand a voice. It contains your brand’s core characteristics and communicates them to create interest, grab people’s attention and engage the reader.

Brand messages exist in a range of forms, from taglines to advertising slogans to headlines, but they all share a set of common features. Truly great brand messages are authentic to both the real experiences of customers and the original brand.

Consumers and prospective customers spend far more time online than in the presence of traditional media and this means that there is a much greater opportunity for brands to present their values and benefits to their customers through digital marketing.

If your website is out of date and not optimised, this is how your audiences will see you as well. Realistically speaking, a website should be updated as often as possible by using campaign strategy and other tools and reviewed at least quarterly to make sure it is technically up-to-date.

Search Engine Optimisation

Because the web is absolutely central to the success of brands, you want to make sure that your current and prospective customers can find you easily online. This is the goal of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which allows your website, blog and social media pages to be placed higher in the list of results generated by search engines like Google.

The rise of social media in the last 10 years has opened up incredibly effective opportunities for brands to communicate and engage with their audiences. 

Brands can use social media to not only keep their existing clients informed about developments within their business, drive traffic to their website, make sales, but to also understand what people are saying about them every day and manage their online reputation.

How it works

Once you’re booked in, we take a first look at your brand, developing an initial understanding of your situation and needs. We then give you a call or hold an online meeting with you so we can get to know each other better and gather the info we need to make the best recommendations.

Then we go away, evaluate and outline all of the pros and cons to help your brand take the next important steps. When it is ready, we present our proposal and answer any questions you have so you can be confident that our findings meet all your requirements.


Simply fill in the details below and we’ll do the rest.