We are very proud to announce that we are now accepting applications for the first pro bono account package of 2020. This is a startup branding package and marketing mentoring worth $15,000 which is totally free to the successful applicant. As we are a global agency, anyone can apply.

Simply fill in the form below to apply


    This 12 month pro bono account includes all the key components you will need to get your brand launched, along with continued mentoring for the full period of the account. These include:

    A brand’s values are its most essential aspect. They are the core ideals that you believe in and they influence all of the other ways in which your brand presents itself to the world.

    A visual identity is one of the most clear and influential ways in which brands can present themselves. After all, it is likely to be the very first impression the audience will have of you. This includes everything from your logo and colours, to your fonts and your photography style.

    Messaging is all about giving your brand a voice. It contains your brand’s core characteristics and communicates them to create interest, grab people’s attention and engage the reader.

    Apply today and you will also receive our brand handbook which has more information about what is included

    To qualify you must of had less than a total of $50,000 of investment. Be 100% focussed on bringing benefit to others or the environment. You have less than 10 employees/members of your team. Be 100% open to marketing mentoring and direction. Be a startup non-profit organisation, charity or ethical/eco focussed product/company.

    Applications close on March 31st 2020 and the successful applicants will be notified directly.
    Good luck.