A man on a mission

International hairstylist Louis Byrne came to Saint Associates to launch a 12-week plan that reconnects stylists and individuals with themselves and their colleagues. The program is set to encourage individuals to own their identity and embrace who they are. Louis believes that the same way your hair grows, you grow and wants to build a community that can use the reset plan to reflect what’s happening on the inside. With Support from celebrities such as Vicky McClure and Emma Willis, who shared their kind words throughout the plan, Louis was ready to create a platform that allowed people to share their truths and be heard.

Creating a Movement

We created the I Can I Am and I Will (ICIAIW.com) website to help Louise spread the word. It’s a website that offers tailored advice for hair and fashion professionals, with daily notifications and emails, a community conversation, and home to the 84-day ‘Re-set Plan’ designed to help people achieve their goals.

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Tailored Site Features

With community being at the heart of this project, simple UX design was essential to get right to create a feeling of guidance and support for the user’s experience. Push notifications on android and desktop, coupled with emails, are sent out daily as a friendly reminder to users during the reset plan to keep them on track. Pages also feature daily tasks for the users to complete allowing them to express themselves in an open and honest online environment. With the styling of the website, we wanted to stay accurate and consistent with the brand with bursts of colour and showcasing Louis’s personality throughout the pages.

This was a complex development, and every page was created with love and care. Louis has also been working with us to keep users updated on the launch progress and updates on the brand movement with monthly newsletters. The newsletters are featured as a web page to give users more when visiting the website, and users can also subscribe to receive the newsletter in their emails. The website also features videos, quizzes, questionnaire interactions and more, making the final product jam-packed with user interaction.

To add to the user experience, we adapted the site so that it works like an app on mobile. With home screen icons and push notifications on android devices, users get an ‘App experience without the huge app price tags.

Website functions include:


12-week, daily course booking and management


Webapp optimization with home screen icon


Daily email and push notifications based on user trigger


Course progression updates


Community area and e-comms shop


Blog and newsletter pages