Modern Heritage

Established by Creative Director Stacey Wood in 2016, the brand has been quietly spearheading in its approach to slow fashion, taking its time to build a meaningful business model based on provenance and integrity, as opposed to hype and irresponsible production. 

King & Tuckfield share a great number of values with Saint Associates, so when it came time to lifting their initial, tired website, they appointed Saint to be their digital e-comms partners.

Since then King & Tuckfield have seen a 40% increase in sales and a 57% increase in conversion.

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Video shot & edited by Max Newson
Features & RESULTS

This is the increase in conversion on all sales channels. This can be credited to the new UX of the sites design.

The increase in orders and conversion resulted in huge lift in sales. Proving the investment in the new site delivered.

The UX design of the site meant that potential customers browsing the site were more inclined to make a purchase.

“The team at Saint understand effective UX design. More importantly, they listen, learn and adapt. The results speak for themselves.”

– Stacey Wood

Delivering Art 

The exciting and somewhat understated part of this website was that the work created by King & Tuckfield is a beautiful piece of artwork that the website merely showcased, displaying the products in the best way possible. Like a gallery, the site simply laid out the work in a way that is quick and intuitive to navigate. Allowing the customer to find what they were looking for quickly and easily. The site’s design was in no way to counter or confuse the buyer with unnecessary creative elements. We were merely creating a website that reflected the quality of the garments themselves.


Neilroy Gunn

Founder and Director – Saint Associates

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