There’s no escaping it: consumerism is the root cause of the environmental issues we now face. We have all been, willingly or otherwise, swept up by an ever-evolving economy of excess. Our ecosystem is paying the price, and if left undone the damage to our environment will be irreversible.

To change this, we’ve gone back to basics.

At Saint Associates, we embody this philosophy in our business model. We don’t have lavish offices, instead we reduce our carbon footprint by embracing remote working and make use of virtual technology to stay connected.

Global collaboration is at the core of how we work – both as a team and with our clients. We don’t believe in localized ‘working wages’ and quite often accept pro bono projects for worthwhile initiatives.

We believe that brands can do better. And in keeping with our philosophy to readjust the balance, we offer other global and ethical companies a service to match their ethos.

Consumerism may have a negative impact on the environment but so do our business choices. Brands are now more aware that they shouldn’t sit in the same room with their marketing agency in order to keep track of  campaigns or discuss plans for the next quarter. We can now have conversations with people and teams in other cities, countries and even continents, from the comfort of our own work space. Less travel equals less carbon dioxide – and that means one thing: a happy, healthy, thriving natural environment.


Our work is not limited by location. We put together a team for your project based on experience and skillset, not time zone. That way we always create our best possible work.

We deliver cutting-edge marketing services of the highest quality, always meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. Our projects are always creatively interesting and delivered on time and on budget.

By allowing our associates to work from anywhere in the world, we cut down on fossil fuel use and have a far smaller carbon footprint.

We are one of the first and largest ethically focused marketing firms with a commitment to protect the environment and equality of others.

With associates in multiple time zones, we work round the clock.

Face-to-face doesn’t need to be in the same room. That’s why we like technology.

Because of the freedom our structure gives us, we don’t need to arrange offline meetings and there are no extra travel costs, meaning we can offer highly competitive rates to our clients.

At Saint Associates we enjoy an eco-conscious culture, support flexible working, avoid using paper and aim to work only with sustainable brands or those that share our commitment to improve their ethical focus.