Quality. Sustainability. Authenticity.

Virtu is a “wellness medical” resort and residence like no other, providing a truly unique experience that will become a part of your everyday life. Virtu allows guests to indulge in lifestyle benefits that will bring elevated elegance through treatment, activities, and health products as well as so much more, allowing guest to rejuvenate. This collection of adult only resorts are places that will bring cultures together to live their lives, learn and grow allowing them to become the best versions of themselves.

Virtu respects culture and believes that every culture around the world has their own way of understanding spirituality and wellness. With this it is important that their packages should be tailored to everyone who graces their doors. It is lifestyle but also a promise for reliable method for wellness for the body mind and soul. 

The concept was there and international, award-winning architects and sustainability experts leading the project, all that was needed was a creative partner to give it a personality.

Defining a brand that stands for so much, does not need to be said with as shout, but a whisper.

Once Saints were appointed, the first port of call was defining the spa branding. Over a period of discovery and brainstorming sessions with the key decision-makers within Virtu, we then created the key, defining points of the brand and its values. 

Branding is key

In the initial stages of creating the brand, we were given the freedom to look beyond physical assumptions and delve deeper into the core values of Virtu. We wanted to ensure that the brand we built was timeless in design, no matter what the future holds. The design for Virtu was created to inspire individuals to become the best version of themselves through a unique wellness experience.

But branding is more than just a logo or a clever slogan. It’s a company’s reputation and lasting impression. So, we used Virtu’s values of quality, authenticity, sustainability, and wellness to develop a brand that reflects the premium quality and balance that the Virtu brand stands for.




One of the critical elements of the brand design was the inclusion of the Western Red Cedar, also known as the “tree of life.” This tree is common throughout the Pacific Northwest and holds special significance to the client. To incorporate this element into the brand, we used the repeated form of the tree to create the individual segments of the logo design.

wellness branding, spa branding, spa business, Virtu, Saint Associates
wellness branding, spa branding, spa business, Virtu, Saint Associates
wellness branding, spa branding, spa business, Virtu, Saint Associates



The tone of voice for the brand was also carefully crafted to reflect the balance of wellness and adventure, sports and relaxation, premium quality and sustainability. The language used is confident, rich, and minimalistic, conveying a sense of refinement and trust.

wellness branding, spa branding, spa business, Virtu, Saint Associates



The visuals for the brand also reflect this balance of wellness and leisure activities, emphasising the expectation of happiness. People will want to experience a Virtu resort for transformation, fun, and enjoyment. They want to appreciate the luxuries on offer, eat well, relax, smile, and share their experiences with a company that reflects their aspirations.

wellness branding, spa branding, spa business, Virtu, Saint Associates

Experts in the Spa and Wellness industry

Virtu comprises a team of world-class experts who combine to create a unique portfolio in hospitality, wellness and real estate.

Leading the Virtu team is Founder and CEO Sandi Lesueur, a wellness executive passionate about sustainable living, plant medicine, and authentic cultural experiences. With her vast experience with various successful medical/wellness companies and collaborations with others in the wellness industry, Sandi has the knowledge and expertise to push this project to the next level.

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Sandi and the Virtu team brought innovative ideas to the table. They challenged Saint Associates to bring those ideas to life through stunning design concepts.

Working alongside Sandi has been an inspiring and exciting experience. She believes that, as a team, we can create something truly incredible.

“We have brought together an exceptional group of individuals who work closely to create sophisticated, sustainable, healthy-lifestyle concepts with ambitious construction and operational standards that the hospitality industry will want to follow through our creative designs, highest measurable efficiency targets, and innovation.”

Sandi Lesueur • Founder and CEO

Virtu’s team are experts in their field, each bringing decades of experience in innovative sustainable design, exceptional wellness projects, and local cultural experiences, with sustainability at its very core.

Lucy Brialey, the sustainable lead on this project and founder and Director of the Sustainable Spa Association, worked alongside the Saint Associates team to drive the message of suitability. With 25 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry, Lucy’s knowledge of the sector showed and allowed Saint Associates to see that we were now a part of a brand who were not only building something for the wellness of individuals but also a brand that cared about the environment in which we live.

At the early stages of design, although we knew that the physical structure of the resort was essential to the overall vision for Virtu, it was not the focus at this point.

Regardless, we were thrilled to have the input of world-renowned wellness architect Alberto Apostoli, who will create the stunning physical vision of the Virtu resorts. His passion for what Virtu will grow to become and his input on the look and feel of the brand was something we wished to capture through the detail of content creation.

Each Virtu expert had an input in the overall design ideas, ensuring that Virtu is truly a collaborative effort bringing the best in the industry together as one.

A brand set for growth

The Saint Associates team is proud to have created branding that stands for authenticity, balance, and premium quality with Virtu.
We invite you to follow the experience of Virtu and see how it can help you become the best version of yourself.

If you need help with branding, contact Saint Associates and discover what we can do for you.